SM4G Team

The SM4G Executive Team brings over 100 years of combined Industry, Government, and Business experience at various Government and Commercial institutions such as Dept. of Army, SBA, Georgia Tech, PTAC, GE, GM, IBM, Bank of America, Westinghouse, and Hitachi Corporations.  SM4G Team includes:


 Mr. Dannie James, Sr. brings over 25 years of government acquisition and procurement experience and relentless passion to help SMBs and corporations succeed in the federal, state, and local market.  Mr. James is one of the most sought after consultants and guest speakers in the federal industry.  Since March, 2011 Mr. James has visited Afghanistan over 20 times and served as the Ambassador for the International (Afghanistan-American) Consortium Alliance, while acting as the US Federal Government Contracting expert. In the world of Government Contracting Mr. James is known as “The Coach”

Mr. James has served 23 years in the military as a Senior NCO and Senior Staff Officer. During his time in the military he was selected to serve as the Director of Contracting for 3rd Army Central Command (Forward) located in Saudi Arabia and other Directorate positions within the US Army Acquisition and Procurement Field.

A retired LTC, Dannie E. James Sr. serves as President of JE Group LLC (JE Group). Mr. James is a proud graduate of the Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia and holds the highest level of government contracting certification as a DAWIA Level III certified Contracting Officer from the Defense Acquisition University (specializing in Acquisition and Procurement). He is considered by many a Federal Government Procurement strategist and expert.

Mr. James also served with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in Huntsville, Alabama where he managed the Quality Assurance Program of an Acquisition Category 1 program. He supervised the complete oversight of the production of the Interim Armor Vehicle (Stryker), a contract that was valued over $6 billion dollars. He ensured proper auditing, sampling, inspecting, and process proofing of the production process and testing/accepting the Interim Armor Vehicle (Stryker).

After years of experience in the federal market Mr. James analyzed who, what, when, where and how to enter and be successful in federal contracting.  He has leveraged relationships by interviewing “the experts” (Government Contract Representatives) to assess and evaluate his unique methodology concentrating more on the “HOW TO and WHAT IS REQUIRED”.  Mr. James fame to claim in procurement and acquisition are effective process, methodologies that is incorporated with the business model and standardization that supports the success of the organization. Mr. James established JE Group LLC, a SDVOSB company that specializes in government contract consulting services to provide Business-to-Government services. 


 Art Brown’s career spans more than 37 years of Government, Educational, and Industry experience in marketing, management, business development, and

developing/delivering all facets of management and technical assistance services for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Government organizations.

Art’s core areas of expertise includes:

  • Business Development
  • Economic Development
  • Global/International Development
  • Market Development and Representation
  • Training, Seminars and Other Communication Services


Art has been honored with numerous awards.  To list some of them:

  • 2015 Life Time Membership Award, Business Retention and Expansion International
  • 2015 Georgia Small Business Loan Committee Special Recognition Award
  • 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee to the North Carolina A&T Sports Hall of Fame and served as Treasurer, 2009 to 2014
  • 2000 Atlanta Minority Business Advocate of the Year
  • Georgia Economic Developers Association Board Member Award, 1996-1998
  • U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Program of the University Centers Conference, 1996
  • Columbus Chamber of Commerce Committee Chair, December, 1992
  • Certified Economic Developer (CEcD), International Economic Development Council, October, 1990


 Maurice L. Threatt brings over 20 years of technical management consulting in government contracting and developing relationships in commercial markets experience. He has solicited and managed contracts and projects throughout the United States for an array of services that include business management, conference management, focus group training, surveying, marketing research, and logistics support services. He provided these skill sets in offices of the U.S. SBA, GSA, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Departments of Veteran Affairs, Justice, Commerce, HHS, and DOD federal sectors. As a result of Mr. Threatt’s strategic planning in business development, the company’s revenues increased from $1.5 million to over $5 million in federal and commercial contracts.

Mr. Threatt’s experience in identifying and navigating commercial growth opportunities led to establishing partnering agreements with companies and associations such as Bank of America, SAIC, EDS, BellSouth, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), NASA, AT&T Global Markets, National 8(a) SDB Contractor’s Association, and the National Minority Supplier Development Councils in Georgia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Significant accomplishments for Threatt include researching client needs and establishing hi-level training of technical staff that led to the selection as a sole source IT vendor of the Mid-Atlantic Region for Bank of America. In addition, he was recognized for his consulting contribution in the success of the 2001-2002 Inaugural Class of the Governor’s Mentor Protégé Program for the State of Georgia. He was recently featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle newspaper as a small business expert on how to be successful in the U.S. SBA 8(a) program. This led to being recognized as a team-member of the U.S. SBA award-winning firm that received the Administrator’s Award for Excellence in federal contracting during the U.S. SBA’s Small Business Week.


 Paul Gupta brings over 35 years of industry and business experience at Fortune 50 US corporations such as divisions of GE, GM, Westinghouse, Allied Signal, and Hitachi Corporations in Project Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, International, and Government Contracting areas.

In the past 15 years, Paul has been involved in multiple successful technology start-up companies, Premier Software Solutions, Gov BidExperts, iTech Analytics, and i-Linc Technologies.  Paul has developed multiple industry leading Real-time, Web-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) Portal Solutions, such as ExpertOpinion™, TrackLinc, FarmLinc®, and PatientSurveyPortal™ for Healthcare, Logistics, and Automation areas.  Multiple such solutions have been deployed and several Fortune 1000 customers have been served in USA and Internationally.

Paul has successfully managed onsite/offshore Software businesses with team sizes ranging from 5 to 50 member software development teams.   Paul’s core strength lies in management, technology, and business administration.  Paul has over 20 years of experience in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics, Big Data, and Dashboard Reporting in Healthcare, Logistics, and Finance areas.  As Project Manager, Paul has led several projects involving customer requirements analysis, web-based decision support system development, implementation, and customer support. 

Paul has recently been designated as the Executive Country Director for India for the global Blockchain Users Group (BUG), providing a platform of key resources for the global community in the latest tools and technologies such as Blockchain, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, ICO, etc.

Paul graduated in 1982 from Michigan Technological University, MI (USA) with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Major) and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 1980 from Hyderabad, India.  Besides, Paul has also completed several graduate level MBA courses, and has taken personal development courses in Leadership, Project Management, and Dale Carnegie at the above Corporations.

“SM4G is Your Trusted Partner in Government Contracting”